Sanicare Manual Portable Bidet 300 ml.


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A bidet is a unisex hygiene accessory that generates a stream of water for a more effective cleansing of private areas (feminine and/or posterior). Travel bidets provide a compact solution to achieve superior personal hygiene– anytime, anywhere!

Portable Bidet Manual Series are compact and ultra lightweight, with durable soft-squeeze bottles. Travel bidets can be used by anyone who wishes to maintain superior personal hygiene on the go – for men, women and kids.

Simply fill with water, aim, then squeeze to spray!

An advantage of extendable portable bidets is that you don’t need to unscrew and fasten the nozzle before use. Just fill your bidet with water, extend the nozzle, and you’re good to go.

Easily control the water pressure by how you squeeze the bottle.

  • For a strong spray : Squeeze the bottle tightly and steadily.
  • For a soft spray : give short, gentle squeezes
  • A super soft stream can be generated without squeezing the bottle.

Nozzle : Extendable

Size (When Stored) : 19 x 6.5 cm

Weight : 145 g

Capacity:  300 ml.

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