Sanicare Rechargeable USB Electric Portable Bidet


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A bidet is a unisex hygiene accessory that generates a stream of water for a more effective cleansing of private areas (feminine and/or posterior). Travel bidets provide a compact solution to achieve superior personal hygiene– anytime, anywhere!

Fill with water. Aim. Press the button to spray!

General Benefits : 

  • Can be aimed easily to spray desired areas for a more efficient cleansing.
  • Convenient when travelling and for daily use on the go.
  • Earth-friendly with reduced consumption of toilet paper and/or wet wipes. 

Nozzle : Flip – Type with push button

Rechargeable : Lithium battery 5 V / 1000 mAh

Dual-speed spray modes : Soft / Strong

Spray time : 60 sec. (soft spray) 40 sec. (Strong spray)

Maximum Standby Time : 30 days

Motor Revolving speed : 18,000 RPM

Capacity : 230 ml.