Mother-K Organic Breastpads


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Mother-K offers a premium choice in their organic breast pads. Made with 100% organically grown cotton, it is certified by the OE 100 standard (Organic Exchange 100) to be safe for babies and mothers. Its extra softness of the cotton cover also gives mothers superior comfort on delicate areas — while the anti-bacterial pads provide a clean environment for baby’s feeding. More than this, with its high absorbency & strong fixation, mothers will surely feel comfortable all day long!

Product Features:

  • 100% organic cotton cover of the soft comfort and absorbency 100% cotton cover made with natural paper
  • Strong absorption power keeps skin dry/comfortable & prevents leakages
  • Double cover for extra protection against leakages
  • Thin absorption layer for maximum comfort & reduces irritation to skin
  • Firm fixation onto brassiere with strong & wide adhesive tapes on back of breast pads

Packing Size : 32 pcs