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EXCLUSIVE TO BABIESTOTODDLERS.COM  Gone are the days of purchasing multiple swaddles in every size! The NüRoo Swaddler is the only swaddle you’ll need from birth till when baby rolls. With two interior pockets and a removable seam to extend its length, the NüRoo Swaddler grows with your baby. The swaddler’s 3 sizes in 1 design eliminates excess material – a potential cause of suffocation – to provide the perfect fit at every stage, keeping baby safe and secure for a sound night’s sleep. 

  • Fits: Birth to 28” / approved for use with preterm babies
  • Feel the difference! The signature NüRoo® fabric is super soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking to prevent overheating. The compression fit properties allow for a snug fit in all the right places to mimic the feeling of being held.
  • Wide Leg Pocket lets baby move and flex their legs freely, promoting healthy hip development.
  • Designed For: Pre + Full term babies 
  • Fabric :90% Polyester, 10% Spandex
  • Care: machine washable / dryer safe

A small company founded in Rhode Island, NuRoo was conceptualized and designed by 2 “mompreneurs”, Hope and Daniela who, with 8 kids between thier two families, fell in love with Skin-to-Skin contact after being introduced to the benefits by their nurse midwives. Coming home from the hospital to active families didn’t allow for the time to lay with baby Skin-to-Skin. After searching high and low for a product that offered coverage and mobility, and coming up empty handed, the idea for the NüRoo Pocket was born. Every product from NüRoo fosters the bond between mom and baby, and is backed by scientific evidence. We are inspired by our children and have learned the benefits of keeping baby close to respond to their to their needs. Our mission is to offer mom + baby optimal time together in those first few months, allowing for every early advantage. Simply put, Closest to Mom. Best for Baby.



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