Mother-K Baby Food Storage Bag


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Mother-K Baby Food Storage Freezer Bags are built for durability and pre-sterilized for cleanliness. The self-standing bag features a leak-proof double zipper seal, marks for accurate measurement, and a labeling area for indexing and organizing. Freezer and microwave safe food storage bags perfect to use with stage 3 baby foods: soups, pastas, sauces and one dish meals. Low profile self-standing bags are also designed for easy feeding right from the container not only for easy storage.

Perfect storage for baby food, Marked for accurate measurement, labeling

Low profile self-standing bag features leak-proof double zipper seal

Perfect for single serve storage holds up to 200ml (6.8 oz)

Freezer or microwave safe, great for soups, pastas, sauces and one dish meals

Pre-sterilized, BPA-free and phthalate free, Made in Korea

Packing size: 30 pcs

Dimensions: 135 x 130mm