Mother-K Baby Zipper Bags


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Mother-K offers anti-bacterial zipperbag for baby’s toys, food, and clothing. Clean and easy! Aside from being endorsed by the US FDA and KFDA, this zipper bag is made with a BCA-530MB anti-bacterial agent is resistant to E.Coli and Staphylococcus Aurues

Product Features

  • This is well-padded material and outstanding antibiotic material that are better than the regular zipper bag and you can store even the foodstuff with peace of the mind.
  • Greater packing capacity is enabled and it is convenient to put in the items such as feeding bottle, baby food container and others that are stored in upright position.
  • You can pack with ease by using these zipper bags of different sizes and to reduce the unnecessary volume when you go out.
  • Become a mother with good sense who packs easily by using the zipper bags with baby goods that enable you locate items easily thanks to the differentiated design!
  • MOTHER-K antibacterial baby zipperbag follows strict Food Sanitation Regulations, therefore you can hold to snack and food for kids.

Packing Size : 15 pcs.  Size: Large

Dimensions : 28cm x 24cm