Primomo Washable Crayons Bundle


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The Primomo Washable Crayons are 100% non-toxic. The crayons are safe and reliable as it passes through extensive and high quality inspections. Products meet or exceed Japan toy safety baseline, US ATSM and EU EN71 safety standards. The crayons come in an innovative design and easy-grip shape ideal for children who still have trouble holding a pen. The crayons have washable and non-sticky features keeping hands clean. The floral aroma of the crayons encourages in stimulating and developing a child’s five senses, which inspires their imagination and creativity. The primomo Washable Crayons are a brilliant way to make coloring even more fun for children.
So many Ways to Play! Primomo Crayons aren’t just for drawing pictures. Watch the possibilities for fun.  Multiply as you mix, match and link them in countless ways.
  • Non-toxic,worry free – Uses only fragrances approved for use in foods. Safe even if crayons gets into child’s mouth by mistake.
  • Keep hands clean – Non-Sticky, so hands stay clean
  • Floral scent to help stimulate and develop all the senses.
  • Easy grip shape ideal for children who still have trouble holding a pencil
  • Easy to erase – with the flower shape eraser.
  • Made in Japan
  • 12 Colors
  • Age 3 years old and above
Safety Features
Hole allows air to pass through and prevent choking should crayon become lodged in a child’s throat.

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