Wee Can Too Veggie Tempera Paint


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Wee Can Too Veggie Tempera Paint is ideal for your “big kids” who want to have a safe way to paint and still have fun in a natural and organic way. Wee Can Too paints are great on paper, sidewalks and even skin. An all natural everywhere paint and easy on the body the earth.

Wee Can Too products are made in USA, and are all made from organic fruits and vegetables.

Tempera Fingerpaint is safe for toddlers 1 year and up. It comes in four 2 oz jars, and makes over 12 oz. of paint

Ingredients :

Organic cornstarch, organic internal bentonite clay, natural fruit acids, organic and natural fruit and vegetable powders, grapefruit extract.

GLUTEN FREE! Non-toxic and Naturally safe. With Natural, Plant-based Ingredients.

To Use :

Add VERY little water (start with 1 tablespoon) Stir, add more water for water color.

Paints are in powder form, just add water in a separate container.

Age : 1 yr and up